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Danger on Naboo

Series: Star Wars Adventures #11
Star Wars Episode I Adventures #13
Author: Singer, A. L. (pseudonym used by Lerangis, Peter)
Release Dates: September, 2000
August, 2003 (reissue)
ISBNs: 0439101506 / 9780439101509 (novel)
0439194490 / 9780439194495 (gamebook)
Length:73 pages (novel), 116 pages (gamebook)
User Summary: As a Jedi, you must investigate the Trade Federation blockade on Naboo; things get messy pretty fast.
Demian's Thoughts: Contrary to my previous prediction, this book wasn't written by Dave Wolverton but instead comes courtesy of A. L. Singer, author of the unfortunate Dick Tracy Catch-a-Crook Adventure. Luckily, this book is of excellent quality. First of all, it wastes no time before diving right into the adventure; there are only two pages worth of novel before the player gets to start making choices. Secondly, it has a good game design, featuring some significant choices and various ways in which early events affect later ones; the fact that the book keeps track of the reader's bongo piloting skill, for example, is a nice touch. A final, and perhaps more important, factor that adds interest to the book is the fact that, since it is the first book in the series to novelize events from the film rather than to lead up to them, it brings together both of the storylines introduced in Ryder Windham's books; Wolverton's storyline should be tied in during the next volume. This attention to continuity makes reading this series quite rewarding. Of course, for people who have seen the film, this book may be disappointing familiar; for the uninitiated like myself, though, it's a satisfying payoff.

Character Cards Included - Jedi (female), Jedi (male)
Vehicle Cards Included - Naboo Royal Starship
Device Cards Included - Grappling Spike Launcher
Power Cards Included - Mind Trick

My Starting Score - 9495
My Ending Score - 10629

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