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Item - Capture Arawynne

(Star Wars Episode I Adventures edition - novel)
(Star Wars Episode I Adventures edition - gamebook)

Combined Summary

Series: Star Wars Adventures — no. 9
Star Wars Episode I Adventures — no. 7
Author: Wolverton, Dave
Dates: March, 2000 (Star Wars Episode I Adventures edition)
June, 2003 (Star Wars Adventures edition)
ISBNs: 0439101441 / 9780439101448 (Star Wars Episode I Adventures edition - novel)
0439129907 / 9780439129909 (Star Wars Episode I Adventures edition - gamebook)
Length: 91 pages (novel), 56 pages (gamebook)
User Summary: The hunt continues... As one of the bad guys, you have to find and capture the escaped Ghostlings.
Demian's Thoughts: This is easily the worst book in the series so far. First of all, it's the worst value for the money; the gamebook is the shortest yet, the novel's not much longer, and you only get four cards. The book also has some major problems; while it allows you to play any of five different characters, the gamebook and the novel only fit together continuity-wise if you play as Sebulba; the worst option is to play as a tracking droid, since the gamebook contains mentions of clothing, parents, limbs, and other things that simply don't apply to the robot. The book isn't a total failure, though... It does manage to be rather funny at times. How can you fail to be amused by something which contains a section with the heading "To blast the swamp slug really, really good?"

Character Cards Included - Tracking Droid
Vehicle Cards Included - Eopie
Device Cards Included - Stokhli Spray Stick
Power Cards Included - Motion

My Starting Score - 5572
My Ending Score - 6271

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Known Editions

Star Wars Adventures edition
Star Wars Episode I Adventures edition

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