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Item - Jedi Emergency

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Combined Summary

Series: Star Wars Episode I Adventures — no. 4
Author: Windham, Ryder
Dates: December, 1999 (Gamebook)
December, 1999 (Novel)
ISBNs: 0439101417 / 9780439101417 (Novel)
0439129877 / 9780439129879 (Gamebook)
Length: 92 pages (novel), 108 pages (gamebook)
User Summary: Having reached Corulag Academy, you must rescue a force-sensitive child from a misguided scientist and prevent Bartokks from blowing the entire complex up with powerful bombs!
Demian's Thoughts:

This adventure is yet another Bartokk slaughter, though it's not quite as monotonous as it could have been; the dual missions help to make things interesting, as does the fact that there's a good variety of different characters you can potentially use to play through the book. By the time the fighting is over, a number of subplots are resolved and at least one long-running mystery is solved. All this resolution means that, for the first time in this series, the basic plot of the next book is hard to predict....

Character Cards Included - Yoda, Mace Windu
Vehicle Cards Included - Experimental Academy Starfighter, Repulsorlift Skiff
Device Cards Included - Yoda Lightsaber, Mace Windu Lightsaber
Power Cards Included - Redirect, Force Movement

My Starting Score - 3779
My Ending Score - 4420

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