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Item - Escape Pod Down

Series: Star Wars Role-Playing Game
Contained In: Star Wars Introductory Adventure Game (Role-Playing Game)
Author: Schweighofer, Peter
Length: 6 pages (14 sections, plus introduction)
User Summary: You are a rebel scout in a base located on a distant planet. One day an escape pod crashes near your base, and your commander sends you over to investigate it.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

This is a very brief and insubstantial adventure which completely revolves about fighting an empire droid. Finishing it successfully is just a matter of being lucky with the die rolls (in fact, the reader does not get to make any choices). It is a forgettable affair, but at least it's over pretty quickly. Also, the rules are quite simple, which may prove handy when you just want some filler fun instead of learning a complex game system.

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