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Item - The Rangers of Taradoin: A Solo and Multiplayer Roleplaying Game

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Series: The Rangers of Taradoin — no. 1
Author: Shaw, Sean-Robert
Date: June, 2001
ISBN: 0595190499 / 9780595190492
Length: 309 pages (plus xlvii pages of introductory material)
User Summary: In the land of Vitan, you are the last descendent of the great hero Grey Wulf and thus the last person potentially capable of fulfilling an ancient prophecy and saving the world.
Demian's Thoughts:

The release of this book should have been a major event in the history of gamebooks -- it's wonderful that after so many years, a new book in the true Lone Wolf style has at last been published. Sadly, though, this is instead a near-total disaster. It reads like a rough draft, being incredibly overloaded with errors, and as such is nearly impossible to read. I certainly couldn't look at most sentences without wanting to take a red pen to them. After somehow forcing my way through the rules, I could do nothing but write a rather negative e-mail to the gamebook mailing list, and I barely got into the prologue of the actual story before I realized that I simply couldn't go through with playing this book. It's not ready to be seen by eyes other than the author's. There may be some great material in here, but it's too thoroughly obscured by typos, incomprehensible sentences and vast leaps of game design logic to be visible. As a reviewer, I am defeated, and though I would like to be able to recommend this to everyone, I cannot. Without some serious revision work, there is simply no entertainment to be found here.

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