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Combined Summary

Series: The Powerpuff Girls Plus You Club — no. 5
Author: Goldschlager, Amy
Illustrator: Alger, Bill
Dates: March, 2002 (First printing)
2006 (Omnibus edition)
ISBN: 0439332508 / 9780439332507 (First printing)
Length: 64 pages (First printing)
KenJenningsJeopardy74's Thoughts:

These Powerpuff Girls Plus You Club books are rather unusual when compared to other gamebook series. Not originally sold in stores, the books were made available exclusively through a mail-order club. As of the time of this writing, that is still the only way the series has ever been made publicly available. If one looks near the bottom of the back cover of the books, one can even find a thin colored strip bearing the words "This edition is only available for distribution through the direct-to-home market." Though limited in the scope of their marketing, the Powerpuff Girls Plus You Club books do not, however, seem to be of lesser quality than gamebooks marketed on a larger scale, such as Choose Your Own Adventure, Twistaplot or Time Machine. Career-Day Blossom is a fun story with everything one would expect from a sixty-four-page gamebook, and is sure to provide a good time on any rainy day or long trip.

Blossom begins thinking about potential careers for herself down the road when a special Career Day is held at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. Blossom isn't much interested in Professor Utonium's scientific work, so there's no serious consideration given to that, but wouldn't a superhero like her be a good choice for mayor of Townsville someday? Or might superpowers and ice breath come in handy in a career as a champion figure skater, dazzling audiences around the world and honing her athletic prowess all while still keeping an appraising eye on the bad guys? If you (as Blossom) choose to try being mayor, the regular mayor's job won't be on the line; however, he may be willing to take a much-needed vacation to allow Blossom to feel her way as temporary master of the office, making the important decisions with the help of the mayor's ever-present advisor, Ms. Sara Bellum. But how will Blossom react when faced with her first major calamity, the total depletion of bank funds in Townsville resulting from continual damage inflicted by villains from Mojo Jojo to Princess Morbucks to the Rowdyruff Boys? The sincerely applied intellect of a kindergarten superhero may be just what Townsville needs to solve the dilemma, but which of Blossom's ideas to raise money will you choose to pursue?

If you choose to have Blossom take on a career as a potential competitive figure skater, you may find she has an edge over her opponents because of her cool head under pressure, natural athleticism and strong work ethic, but Blossom's road to Olympic glory won't be as easy as putting in the time to become a superior skater. Other girls who aren't as prodigious as Blossom may not be inclined to believe she's developed so quickly as a figure skater without using her superpowers, and a nefarious competitor or two may attempt to press their own advantages to steal a win from more deserving athletes. What will Blossom do when she comes up against the malevolently mischievous Princess Morbucks in a battle for skating supremacy in Townsville? Or might Blossom even run into other infamous villains from the city, all waiting to launch their attacks until Blossom is too busy concentrating on her competition routine to lend a hand to Bubbles and Buttercup in fighting the bad guys?

Whichever route you take, it will all end up right in the end, as is always the case when it comes to the Powerpuff Girls. When you have their kind of superpowers on your side, what other way is there for it to end? And Blossom may realize that being a kindergartner and a little kid is okay, that not having to worry about the trials of adulthood for now is a good thing, to be enjoyed rather than impatiently endured. Even as kindergartners, Blossom and her sisters render more than their share of tangible contributions to the betterment of Townsville, helping to rid the city and even the world of monsters, con men and thieves that would otherwise be able to carry out their schemes mostly with impunity. Being a Powerpuff Girl is a pretty good career, in my book.

Author Amy Goldschlager is a solid writer who does well at working within the established personality parameters of the characters in the Powerpuff Girls franchise, and I liked Career-Day Blossom. If you're looking for a fun story with familiar characters, and have ever been a fan of the Powerpuff Girls T.V. program, I would for sure recommend this book.

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Known Editions

First printing
Omnibus edition (in Buttercup, the Better Cop / Career-Day Blossom)

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