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Item - Museum of the Living Dead

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(American cover)
(British edition)
(British edition)
Series: Plot-Your-Own Horror Stories — no. 7
Alternate Title: Dining with Dinosaurs (British title)
Translated Into: El museo de los muertos vivientes (Spanish)
Author: Milton, Hilary
Illustrators: Eastbury, Dave (British cover)
Frame, Paul
Date: 1985
ISBNs: 0416534007 / 9780416534009 (British edition)
0671544470 / 9780671544478 (American edition)
Length: 120 pages
Number of Endings: 29
LC Cataloging in Publication Summary: Trapped by a thunderstorm in a museum of prehistoric creatures that seem to come alive, the reader must find a way out of increasingly frightening situations.
Demian's Thoughts:

Well, I found this book marginally more interesting than the last few, but that's entirely because the subject matter was of more interest to me, not because of any improvement in the writing or game design. In fact, even the appealing subject matter is poorly handled here; I doubt the author knew much about prehistoric life or bothered to do any significant research, since the encounters with extinct species lack interesting descriptions or other details and overuse vague adjectives like "horrible" and "frightening." Outside of that, we've got the usual disregard for plot consistency and lots of choices for which the reader's decision has little or no impact on what actually happens. This really should have been much better.

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Guillermo's Thoughts:

(review based on the Spanish translation)

This is one of the my favourite entries in the series, mostly because it is really spooky. Being trapped alone in a museum filled with prehistoric men and animals at night can indeed frighten the hell out of anyone. The only problem I see is that practically all of the paths through the book are rather short when compared to other entries in the series. In spite of this, the book has a very effective atmosphere. This is another one I heartily recommend.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Ken G. for the British cover scans.
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