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Item - Mystery at Mockingbird Manor

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Translated Into: Misteri a la mansiĆ³ de l'ocell mofeta (Catalan)
Misterio en el hotel de las montaƱas (Spanish)
User Summary: You've been given the opportunity to work at your grandfather's hotel in the Rocky Mountains, an exciting place visited by the rich and famous.
Demian's Thoughts:

Although many of the threads through this book contain some more potentially exciting subject matter than some other books in the series, I found it rather unthrilling. The plot doesn't make a whole lot of sense, being both inconsistent and often hastily resolved, and the choices have little bearing on what happens much of the time. There's a slightly interesting maze included, but this adds little excitement. Also a bit odd is the fact that the reader's character keeps swooning over a handsome prince at every possible opportunity. This seems kind of out of keeping with the target age group of the book and certainly must have annoyed the legions of unsuspecting seven-year-old boys who ended up playing this adventure.

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Pick-a-Path edition

Series: Pick-a-Path no. 6
Item: Mystery at Mockingbird Manor
Authors: Pascal, Laurie
Pascal, Jamie
Illustrator: Prebenna, David
Date: 1983
ISBN: 0590328123 / 9780590328128
Length: 57 pages
Number of Endings: 8

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