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Item - The Amber Sword of World's End

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Series: 1 on 1 Adventure Gamebooks — no. 6
Contains: You Are Garth, Master of the North Wind (Gamebook)
You Are Uthrac, Barbarian Warrior (Gamebook)
Translated Into: Le Sabre de Glace (French)
Author: Price, Michael P.
Illustrator: Darlene
Date: May, 1986
ISBN: 0394554108 / 9780394554105
User Summary: Two heroes wander through the icy lands of World's End in search of a valuable magical weapon.
Demian's Thoughts:

Although this is the first book in the series to be written by someone other than James M. Ward, it doesn't stand out at all. After the slightly unusual feel of the last set, it's back to evenly matched characters on the same quest, and it's really fairly boring. There are a few nice touches like enjoyable trips to weird exterior dimensions, but for the most part it's just two players trudging randomly around in search of each other or the objective. Disappointingly, the one game I played ended abruptly before either of us could win. I think it's a bad design decision to put instant game-ending sections in a set of two-player gamebooks; the result is inevitably anti-climactic.

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