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Item - Challenge of Druid's Grove

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Series: 1 on 1 Adventure Gamebooks — no. 4
Contains: You Are Ar-Kane, A Great Wizard (Gamebook)
You Are Renwood, A Powerful Druid (Gamebook)
Translated Into: Le duel de la ForĂȘt des Druides (French)
Author: Ward, James M.
Illustrator: Nelson, Mark A.
Date: November, 1985
ISBN: 0394549511 / 9780394549514
User Summary: A wizard and a druid race to stop the evil forces growing in the Forest of Lath, each also hoping to capture the other in order to gain ransom money for his own faction.
Demian's Thoughts:

This third fantasy adventure is really just more of the same -- lots of random encounters and item collection culminating in a big fight. It does manage to distinguish itself a little bit by creating a larger overall goal than "kill the other player" and by giving each PC a powerful collection of spells to play with, but, while fun, it's not particularly noteworthy. The writing isn't quite as bland as some of the author's earlier work, but it still doesn't convey much in the way of plot. Also, as I've grown to expect from these books, the gameplay is functional but full of errors and ambiguity. If you've enjoyed other adventures in the series, you'll probably like this one too; if not, don't waste your time.

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Errata:The most spectacular error on display here is the fact that the books have the wrong covers -- Ar-Kane is on the cover of the Renwood book and vice versa. Other problems include the fact that Ar-Kane's character sheet fails to list the amount of damage done by his dagger, the fact that both books say that the character they contain goes first (which is right?) and the fact that the Renwood book directs the Ar-Kane player to turn to page 118 for the final battle (it should be page 134).
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