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Item - The Shadow Prince

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Translated Into: Prinsen från skuggorna (Swedish)
User Summary: During an encounter with moblins, Link and Zelda meet a mysterious stranger....
Demian's Thoughts:

This is definitely the stronger of the two Legend of Zelda adventures in this series. Its tone is somewhat closer to the cartoon series (though not faithfully based on it), with some mildly amusing banter between Link and Zelda and a fairly engaging (if less than subtle) plot. Unfortunately, although the story is acceptable and the length of the adventure is substantial enough to be satisfying, most of the puzzles are weak. As before, some are simply incomprehensible while others serve only to provide foreshadowing which actually spoils and undermines the story. There are a couple of good puzzles that actually do integrate well with the story, allowing the reader to visually ponder Link's situation, but it's too little, too late. I would actually recommend ignoring all of the puzzles unless they obviously relate to the plot; some of these choices are more interesting if you don't know which decision to make based on a dumb maze. Nintendo fans will probably have some fun with this, though they may be troubled by such things as Link calling Zelda "Zel" a lot and Ganon being described as a skeletal figure. Perhaps if more Zelda adventures had been released, further improvements would have led to something really good; unfortunately, though, it ended here at the level of mere adequacy.

My High Score - 900

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Nintendo Adventure Books edition

(British edition)
Series: Nintendo Adventure Books no. 10
Item: The Shadow Prince
Authors: Wayne, Matt
Peckinpaugh, Roger ("text by" credit)
Illustrators: Wray, Greg (cover)
Koehne, Josie (puzzles)
Dates: February, 1992 (American edition)
November, 1993 (British edition)
ISBNs: 0671742086 / 9780671742089 (American edition)
0749715456 / 9780749715458 (British edition)
Length: 121 pages (59 sections)
Number of Endings: 11

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