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Item - Cave of Fear

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Series: Nightmares! — no. 2
Author: Wulffson, Don
Illustrators: Tavonatti, Mia (cover)
Yamamoto, Neal (interior)
Date: 1995
ISBN: 0843138610 / 9780843138610
Length: 126 pages
Number of Endings: 21
LC Cataloging in Publication Summary: While on a camping trip, the reader gets lost in a cave and makes choices which determine the story's outcome.
Demian's Thoughts:

This definitely isn't as good as the previous book in the series. First of all, the introductory material (instructions and background information) is rather redundant, making the first section of the story tedious since most of its content is already known. While I like the idea of a setting description and character list, it's pointless to provide these things if they're just repeated in the main text anyway. I also have trouble getting interested in a story that I know from the start is just a dream -- this kills any real sense of danger or urgency. As before, the gameplay is more or less nonexistent and the story isn't exactly original. While there are a few moments of genuine horror, they don't really make this book worth wasting much time on.

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