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Series: Amazing Stories — no. 2
Author: Simon, Morris
Illustrator: Easley, Jeff (cover)
Date: September, 1985
ISBN: 0880382562 / 9780880382564
Length: 222 pages (21 sections)
Number of Endings: 3
User Summary: An American linguist gets drawn into bizarre circumstances as a result of researching the ancient Olmec language in a remote area of Mexico.
Demian's Thoughts:

This book is quite similar to the previous one in format, though it's written in the third person rather than the first person. Its story isn't quite as original or well-executed as the previous adventure, but it's still more engaging and fun than the average gamebook. As before, though, the improvements in story are offset by a lack of meaningful gameplay. Although there are a few more choices and sections here than in the last book, there's still not a great feeling of freedom, and there's actually less plot diversity since there are only three endings. Different paths reveal different details, but the basic story barely varies. Once again, it appears that the author has managed to avoid the normal story pitfalls of the gamebook form by not really writing a gamebook. It's a decent read, but not much of an interactive experience.

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