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Item - An Introduction to Fantasy Role-Playing

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(first edition)
(second edition)
Series: Middle-earth Role Playing
Contained In: Middle-earth Role Playing (Role-Playing Game)
Dates: 1985 (first edition)
1986 (second edition)
Length: 77 sections, plus prologue
User Summary: You are a Ranger of the North who decides to wander in search of adventure after arriving too late to participate in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. You find that the daughter of a farmer's wife has been kidnapped by two Haradrim, and are offered a mission to rescue her.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

(Review based on the Spanish translation.)

This short introductory adventure uses the same system as the Tolkien Quest gamebooks (a simplified version of MERP). The adventure is a pretty unremarkable wilderness fantasy quest, but it includes several different paths to the conclusion and it allows the player to solve it in a variety of ways, meaning that it can be played several times without becoming boring. You should not kill to play it, but if you need something to entertain you a couple of hours, you could do far worse.

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