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Item - The Evil of Mr. Happiness

Series: Storytrails — no. 3
Contained In: The Storytrails Book of Thrillers (Collection)
Translated Into: Jazirat al-mawt'a al-mutajawwilin [جزيرة الموتى المتجولين] (Arabic)
Polvorín en el Caribe (Spanish)
Vampyrernes ø (Danish)
Author: Sharp, Allen
Illustrators: Storey, John (interior)
Piggott, Reg (cartography)
Date: 1982
ISBNs: 0516089013 / 9780516089010 (hardback)
0521285003 / 9780521285001 (paperback)
Length: 44 sections (each two pages long)
Number of Endings: 4
User Summary: As a European secret agent, you must infiltrate an island in the Caribbean which is the hideout of a villain nicknamed Mr. Happiness. Your objective is to foil his development of highly destructive weapons and capture or kill him.
Guillermo's Thoughts: (review based on the Spanish translation)

This is another solid Storytrails book, with an exciting plot and awesome writing, undoubtedly inspired by Ian Fleming's James Bond novels. None of the endings are fatal: they range from partial to complete success. Achieving the optimal one, however, requires careful thinking. Overall, the gameplay is rather simplistic and finishing the book should not take more than a couple of hours, but it's a very enjoyable diversion.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Phil Gurvich for the front cover scan, Ken G. for the back cover scan, and Guillermo Paredes for the plot summary.
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