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Item - Thunder over Jotunheim

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Series: Marvel Super Heroes
Translated Into: Donner ├╝ber Jotunheim (German)
Author: Nesmith, Bruce
Illustrator: Butler, Jeffrey (Jeff) (cover)
Date: 1985
ISBN: 0880381981 / 9780880381987
Product Code: MH6
Kveto's Thoughts:

This is a Marvel Super Heroes RPG module, but this is the only one which can be played as a solo gamebook. It features the Marvel superhero/god: Thor.

Since Thor is so powerful, he usually serves as a deus ex machina in these RPG modules, but here he is the (only) playable hero.

This one's not a real review as I couldn't read all of it (and can't be bothered to finish it, honestly). You control Thor on a quest to the land of giants. The reason I find it unremarkable is two-fold. It is a standard unremarkable Thor adventure with his usual foes, such as Ulik, Loki, and Skurge, so none of the innovative other peoples' villains that have been a characteristic of the other modules. Also, I've never been a fan of Asgard-style adventures, preferring my Thor adventures to be on Midgard (Earth).

So I probably didn't give this one a fair shake. I might have liked it better had it featured a team of Marvel gods like Sif, Hercules, etc.

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