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Item - Dawn of the Darklords

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(British edition)
(British edition)
(British edition)
(British edition)
(American edition)
(American edition)
(American edition)
(American edition)

Combined Summary

Online Full Text: Project Aon (Project Aon edition)
Series: The Magnamund Companion
Translated Into: Banedons Auftrag (German)
Mörkret vaknar (Swedish)
Dates: 1986 (British edition)
March, 1988 (American edition)
June 25, 2005 (Project Aon edition)
Length: 13 pages (pp. 84-96, 80 sections)
Number of Endings: 5 (not including failure by loss of points)
User Summary: You are Banedon the magician, and you have a vitally important message to deliver to the Kai Monastery....
Demian's Thoughts:

This short adventure uses the basic Lone Wolf game system, but you choose magical powers instead of Kai disciplines; rather than using Willpower points like the spells in World of Lone Wolf, some (but not all) of these powers drain Endurance. The adventure itself runs parallel to Flight from the Dark, showing some familiar events from a different perspective. It's so short as to be rather trivial, which is too bad, as it would have been nice to adventure as Banedon for a little longer.

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Known Editions

British edition (in The Magnamund Companion)
American edition (in The Magnamund Companion)
Project Aon edition (in The Magnamund Companion)

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