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Item - Cimeree, Elfin Maid

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Series: Lost Worlds Fantasy Combat Books — no. 60153
Authors: Leonardi, Alfred
Leoni, Adamo (character design)
Greci, Dennis (development)
Illustrator: Shuler, Doug
Date: 1995
ISBN: 1883240328 / 9781883240325
Cover Text: Your quest has taken you far from your home, through a dozen forests and countless encounters. Your sword arm is tired, but you cannot rest until you find the medallion you seek. The foliage parts in the distance to reveal someone you have never seen before. Perhaps they have the medallion that could end your quest.
User Summary: Statistics: Height - 4, Body Points - 14, Attacks - 1
Usable Cards: 1 sword and 1 dagger, 1 leather armor, 3 general items, yellow spells (8 points)
Card Types Included: 3 Yellow Spells, 1 Random Card
Demian's Thoughts:

Of the Chessex characters, Cimeree seems the least interesting. She doesn't have any unique moves and she's not especially powerful. Still, she's a useful addition to a party of adventurers.

Cards I Got - 127 Butterfingers, 129 Dalclion's Blur, 138 Brambles, 157 Feather Cape

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soren_nyrond's Thoughts:

She's unusual -- She fights with sword and dagger, so she can Throw the Dagger, and she can stab you while she's Parrying. She can Cast Magic (Yellow spells as opposed to the Red of the Fighter-Mage), and if you have any useful Items, she can try to Pick your Pocket. She also has above-average Body Points and, overall, only takes average damage.

And, to be fair, Doug Shuler, the artist, has made her quite pretty, in an elfin way.

She's unlikely to be many people's first choice as an avatar, but she can certainly make a surprising opponent. Note: the old Lost Worlds website had 2 rules corrections for her, which are worth looking up if you're playing as her.

Cards I received: 3 spells: Magic Egg and Druid's Helm, both damage-reduction spells, and Weak Knees, which limits your opponent's moves for 3 turns; 1 Item: Gossamer Glove, which counters attempts to dislodge a weapon.

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