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Item - Tunnels and Trolls: Chiron, Magical Centaur

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Series: Lost Worlds Fantasy Combat Books — no. 8604
Authors: Leonardi, Alfred
Walker, James L. (character design)
Greci, Dennis (development)
Illustrator: McKee, Erin
Date: 1995
ISBN: 0940244357 / 9780940244351
Cover Text: Chiron clambered up the craggy cliff. Few other beings had the ability to patrol the crater's rim, and only the foolhardy dared. "But wait! Is that not an intruder? Some silly being is making his way up the treacherous pass. He answers not my hail -- then answer this!" said Chiron to himself as he hurled a persuasive spell, bathing the intruder in an engulfing glow of crimson magic. yet onward the intruder came. Readying his axe, Chiron prepared for the inevitable.
User Summary: Statistics: Height - 5, Body Points - 20, Attacks - 2
Usable Cards: 1 axe, chainmail and helm, 1 shield, 3 general items, red spells (6 points)
Card Types Included: 3 Red Spells, 1 Random Card
Demian's Thoughts:

It's nice to have a blend of combat and spell-casting abilities, and the "call 'halt'" move is nicely in keeping with the character's sentry origins.

Cards I Got - 53 Aeraqitaq, 54 Tang of Thang, 59 Dalclion's Touch, 200 Llam's Bridge

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