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Item - Tunnels and Trolls: Umslopagaas, the Scorpion Wizard

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Series: Lost Worlds Fantasy Combat Books — no. 8601
Authors: Leonardi, Alfred
St. Andre, Ken (character design)
Greci, Dennis (development)
Illustrator: McKee, Erin
Date: 1995
ISBN: 0940244322 / 9780940244320
Cover Text: Umslopagaas came from the jungle lands near the Dragon's Claws. With ebony skin and ivory teeth, with ironwood staff which could dash the brains from man or monster, he was a fighting wizard welcome in any group of adventurers facing evil magic and long odds. Deep in Uncle Ugly's Underground, Umslop claimed a Zodiac Gem as part of his plunder, and it claimed him -- giving him a lethal scorpian's [sic] sting growing from the base of his spine. Now, twice as deadly as before, he runs his own dungeon in Khosht -- the famed Deathtrap Equalizer Dungeon. Meet him in combat if you dare, but don't be surprised if he vanishes in a cloud of sorcery if you're skilled enough to wound him. A smart wizard always gives himself a way out.
User Summary: Statistics: Height - 4, Body Points - 17, Attacks - 1
Usable Cards: 1 staff, 5 general items, red spells (14 points)
Card Types Included: 3 Red Spells, 1 Random Card
Demian's Thoughts:

This is a fairly diverse character, with strong spell-casting abilities, a nasty tail attack and the ability to entrance with his smile!

Cards I Got - 52 Khalyde's Surge, 59 Dalclion's Touch, 64 "Kalouran," 65 Muscida Buzz

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