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Item - Oowell the Ghoul

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Item-Level Details

User Summary: Statistics: Height - 4, Body Points - 12
Usable Cards: luck (3 points)
Only Possession: a large bone (which argues that he/it may be unable to use other items such as armor, swords, etc.)
soren_nyrond's Thoughts:

It's Undead, which means several spells will not work. It has average to good mods for swings, and poorer for jabs with its bone. It Coughs Disease (reduces opponent's ability to do Orange); it also mumbles in Mindless Speech, which appears to trigger a random spell in its opponent's complement. It is also diseased, which allows it to try to scratch opponents (in 2 moves), which leads to infection and reduction of all weapon attack scores. This means that, if you normally rely on using a weapon, and this thing can infect you, you are on a losing gradient: your attacks are less effective, and it can rinse and repeat, putting you even worse off. Mercifully, it takes higher than average damage -- if you can hit it, you can generally hurt(!) it.

Warning to those of a nervous disposition: Oowell is rather ugly, and attired only in a tattered jerkin and a loin-cloth. In colour he's even worse.

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