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Item - Unicorn

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Series: Lost Worlds Fantasy Combat Books — no. 1301
Translated Into: Yunikoon [ユニコーン] (Japanese)
Authors: Leonardi, Alfred
McKinney, Hal
Illustrator: Gorby, C. Bradford (Brad)
Date: 1985
Cover Text: The sounds of the hunt have followed you for days. You've led them ever deeper into the forest. They are lost now, hungry and scared. Bu they have not given up and they are dangerous. As you enter the mystic glade you decide: Here is where you will make your stand! Suddenly the bushes across the clearing part...

Can your grace and magical skill overcome this deadly foe?

soren_nyrond's Thoughts:

The Unicorn is an animal character, but one with intelligence and magic. It is interesting to play for the comparison between its moves and those of an "ordinary" Lost Worlds fighter. The sword swings and thrusts are translated to the horn; with downward swings becoming hoof blows. In addition, there are times when you can trample your opponent, and you have the power to magically charm them into giving up and going away. And, just when they think they have you wounded unto death, you can heal yourself (or, if you're in multi-player combat, you can heal an ally).

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