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Item - Dwarf in Chainmail with Two-handed Ax

Series: Lost Worlds Fantasy Combat Books — no. 1003
Translated Into: Kobito no toushi [小人の闘士] (Japanese)
Adapted From: Dwarf in Chainmail with Two-handed Ax (Miniature)
Authors: Leonardi, Alfred
Rosinus, James (development)
Illustrator: Starr, Arne
Date: 1983
Cover Text: Standing in the torchlight, you study the flickering shadows searching the shifting darkness for the enemy of legends. With your long ax you know you must hit hard -- and first -- before it can get too close. Suddenly, the darkness comes alive! You swing....
User Summary: Statistics: Height - 3, Body Points - 14, Attacks - 1
Demian's Thoughts:

This character is notable mainly for having a weapon that's as big as he is! The ax can actually be broken, leading to some pretty heavy penalties, so it's best to fight with care!

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