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Item - The Vampire Genevieve 2: Genevieve Undead

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User Summary: In three linked novellas, Genevieve encounters further theatrical danger, becomes part of a bizarre family and acts as a political assassin.
Demian's Thoughts:

Drachenfels was a hard act to follow, and it's not shocking that this isn't quite as strong of a book, especially since a collection of novellas has little chance of matching the depth and complexity of a full-fledged novel. Still, Kim Newman always manages to do respectable work, and this is entirely readable even if it's not his absolute best.

The first novella, Stage Blood, picks up where Drachenfels left off. While it's a fairly satisfying read, with some interesting characters and plenty of unsubtle but sometimes amusing references to literature both classic and Warhammer-themed, it's just a little too similar to its predecessor. Theatrical horror-fantasy was brilliant once, but a second time around it has less impact.

The middle adventure, The Cold Stark House, is probably the weakest part of the book. While its bizarre cast of characters, many both immortal and murderous, lends itself well to dark comedy, and the setting is appropriately atmospheric, the plot never quite comes together, and the conclusion isn't especially satisfying. The strange cast makes it worth reading, but it feels a bit like filler.

The conclusion, Unicorn Ivory, ends the book on a high note with a tale about different types of hunters and prey. The characters are engagingly developed and the setting is richly described, though some twists of the plot come a little too quickly or a little too obviously. Still, this is the most satisfying story of the book, and it leaves you ready for more. I'll definitely be picking up Beasts in Velvet before too long, though I think I'll be taking a break from Genevieve for a little while first....

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Warhammer Fantasy Fiction edition

Series: Warhammer Fantasy Fiction
Item: The Vampire Genevieve 2: Genevieve Undead
Author: Yeovil, Jack (pseudonym used by Newman, Kim)
Dates: May 31, 1993
January, 2002 (American reissue)
Length: 275 pages

Warhammer Fantasy Fiction edition

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