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Item - Wyvern's Way

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Series: Legendary Lives
Author: Marx, Gus
Length: 112 sections plus introduction
User Summary: While traveling down a road you come across a dying young man who tells you about an evil wyvern who lives nearby. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to track down the creature and slay it.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

Legendary Lives is an obscure fantasy RPG from the nineties which is notable for the wide variety of character options it includes. For example, players can choose not only from standard fantasy races such as dwarves or elves, but can also play bird people, insect people, snake people, and spriggans (a specific type of faerie folk), among others. There is also an unusually large number of character occupations available (including several types of magic users). Many years after its release, this solitaire adventure was published as a freely downloadable PDF on the game's website. The variety of characters available should provide many opportunities for roleplaying specific character types, but strangely the adventure does not take advantage of it. Other than some characters being better at some things during the game, the type of character you choose to play will not have a significant impact on the story. In my opinion, this is a wasted opportunity.

Complaints about missed roleplaying opportunities aside, the adventure is pretty standard fantasy fare, allowing the player to explore a variety of settings (dungeon, mountain, forest, etc.). There are several different ways to complete the game successfully, which gives it significant replay value. Overall, the lack of character development is definitely a let-down, and none of the paths through the story are too long, but if you just approach this adventure as a light, D&D-style quest, you should have fun with it. I recommend it for those looking for an hour of entertainment.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Guillermo Paredes for the cover image.

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