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User Summary: Del Curb, an experienced interplanetary investigator, is asked by the commander of the Federation Police to track down Rimeq the Renegade, a dangerous alien criminal threatening to destroy the Earth.
Demian's Thoughts:

This is a rather unusual gamebook. First of all, it's written in the first person; this isn't the first gamebook I've seen to be written in such a way, but it isn't common. Secondly, it's divided into titled chapters rather than numbered sections (though choices are denoted by page numbers, as in most Choose Your Own Adventure-type books). Perhaps most unusually, there are no "bad" endings. While some outcomes are more successful than others, the narrator never dies. This obviously makes the game aspect of the book somewhat uninteresting, but this is made up for by good writing. The tone of the book is quite entertaining; it's essentially a science fiction story seen through the eyes of a cynical private investigator of the film noir variety. The tone is properly gritty, and the wisecracks work well enough. The book is also surprisingly violent at times, considering its child audience. Internal consistency isn't perfect, but it's easy enough to overlook. If you can find a copy of this book (which may be a bit of a challenge), it's well worth a read.

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