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Item - Escape From Portsrood Forest

Series: Miscellaneous Works by Samuel Isaacson
Author: Isaacson, Samuel
Date: May 6, 2020
ISBN: 9798639888533
Length: 400 sections
Joonseok's Thoughts:

Quite a departure from the author’s previous sci-fi gamebooks The Altimer and New Gaia, both of which I enjoyed tremendously, this new gamebook can be best described as Alice in Wonderland meets Fabled Lands/open world RPG. Mapping and note taking are a must if you want to unlock all the secrets of the forest. The book has a whimsical nature reminiscent of Narnia or Oz which was refreshing and a joy to read. Detailed and lively descriptions will help transport the reader away from the pandemic crisis we are going through. Highly recommended!

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