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Item - Jailbreak

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(First printing - digital source image, lacking barcode)
(Third printing)
(Third printing)
(Third printing)
(Third printing)

Combined Summary

Series: Shadow Thief — no. 1
Author: Lowrie, David
Illustrator: Lowrie, David
Dates: 2020 (Second printing)
2020 (Third printing)
March 5, 2020 (First printing)
November 11, 2022 (Shadow Thief edition)
ISBN: 9798618004930 (First printing, Second printing, Third printing)
Length: 150 sections (First printing, Second printing, Third printing)
Special Thanks: First printing:
Thanks to the author David Lowrie for the cover image.
hadlee73's Thoughts:

Fighting Fantasy-esque primer for a new series. So you very quickly end up in jail at the beginning of this book... that wasn't very long, was it? Oh, but wait, you're only getting started. With only a few tools of your thief trade which you managed to hide from the guards (probably best to use your imagination as to where you stuffed them, ahem!) you need to make your way out of prison without getting caught... or, if you do get caught, nobble the guards so they can't stop you from leaving. There's quite a bit going on in this jail, too, so it's worth exploring around to find a few subplots and even someone who might help you during your escape.

It's a fun book, but be prepared for some gruesome deaths if you mess up... the author, Mr Lowrie, does love a good, bloody death scene. At around 150 sections this book is a primer for something bigger in the near future, but feels like a satisfying little adventure on its own. Recommended! :)

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Errata:Section 53: "You throw him one of your provisions" assumes that you have some, but you may have used them up already at this stage.
Special Thanks:Thanks to the author David Lowrie for the cover images.
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Known Editions

Shadow Thief edition (in Shadows Under Laeveni: The Shadow Thief Trilogy)
First printing
Second printing
Third printing

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