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Item - The Mystery of Dracula

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(Paperback, 1st printing)
(Paperback, 2nd printing)
(Paperback, 1st printing)
(Paperback, 1st printing)
(Paperback, 1st printing)
(Paperback, 2nd printing)

Combined Summary

Series: An Interactive Adventure — no. 2
Author: Barrett, Dane
Illustrator: Warren Design (cover)
Dates: 2019 (Paperback, 2nd printing)
September 19, 2019 (Kindle)
September 20, 2019 (Paperback, 1st printing)
March 2, 2021 (Reissue)
ISBN: 1687061785 / 9781687061782 (Paperback, 1st printing, Paperback, 2nd printing)
Edition Descriptions: Paperback, 2nd printing:
The cover was updated to align to the other books in the series.

Renumbered to "1".
Length: 366 pages (Kindle)
723 sections, 353 pages (Paperback, 1st printing, Paperback, 2nd printing)
723 sections, 340 pages (Reissue)
Special Thanks: Paperback, 1st printing:
Thank you to Ryan Lynch for the cover images.
Paperback, 2nd printing:
Thank you to the author Dane Barrett for providing the cover spreads.
Advertisement Blurb: Only a poor turn of fate could determine how a simple business trip would release a ravenous horror upon London!

You are Jonathan Harker, travelling to Transylvania to finalise a property transaction for a nobleman named Count Dracula. The man is an enigma, undoubtedly lonely and likely eccentric, but this deal will be a boon to your employer, and a significant step forward for your own career.

The country you traverse is steeped in history and superstition, and as you surge further eastward, the more apprehensive people become. They warn you of the terrors that live in the darkest hours of the night, but you are an Englishman, and not one to be scared off by tall tales!

In this interactive horror mystery gamebook set in 19th Century Europe, you will take on the roles of three characters at separate points in the story.

Survive the freezing forests of Munich. Escape a Transylvanian castle with enemies all around you. Brave rough seas on the cargo ship Demeter. Then strive to save those whom you love back in England!

You choose where the story goes. You solve the mysteries and puzzles that lead to a happy ending, or possibly an early demise. You could be the hero of the hour or the one who propels London to its very doom!

Which road will you choose?
Errata:In the 1st printing of the paperback edition there is a sentence missing from section 233. It should include a short sentence saying "Write down the keyword CLUE#25".
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Known Editions

Paperback, 1st printing
Paperback, 2nd printing

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