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Item - Escape from Castle Ravenloft

Series: Endless Quest — no. 54
Author: Forbeck, Matt
Illustrators: Behm, Mark (cover and interior)
Belisle, Eric (cover and interior)
Boros, Zoltán (interior)
Ceran, Milivoj (interior)
Chaturvedi, Sidharth (interior)
Chevrier, Jedd (interior)
Conceptopolis (interior)
Daarken (interior)
Dutrait, Vincent (interior)
Ejsing, Jesper (interior)
England, Wayne (interior)
Grant-West, Lars (interior)
Hurwitz, Lake (interior)
Metheney, Brynn (interior)
Oliver, Ben (cover and interior)
Paquette, Adam (interior)
Pozas, Claudio (interior)
Proce, Vincent (interior)
Seaman, Chris (interior)
Stella, Zach (interior)
Turkel, Autumn Rain (interior)
Whitters, Richard (interior)
Yanner, Kieran (interior)
Date: 2019
ISBNs: 1536209228 / 9781536209228 (hardback)
1536209236 / 9781536209235 (paperback)
Length: 122 pages
Number of Endings: 24
User Summary: You are a cleric. Count Strahd has transported you to Castle Ravenloft, where he intends to make you one of his servants. You must find a way to escape from the castle.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

This is quite an enjoyable castlecrawl adventure. The nonplayer characters are colourful and have somewhat detailed personalities (unlike Master of Ravenloft in the AD&D Adventure Gamebook series, where most of them were generic D&D creatures). Unlike many Endless Quest entries, the book feels like a true D&D adventure in that the player character uses a variety of clerical spells and abilities. Moreover, there is enough variety to keep the reader interested in revisiting the story again and again. The only downside to the book is that successful endings are not too hard to come by. Nonetheless, it's an entertaining read.

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