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Item - Children of the Painted Apple

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(Paperback, 1st printing)
(Paperback, 2nd printing)
(Paperback, 1st printing)
(Paperback, 1st printing)
(Paperback, 1st printing)
(Paperback, 2nd printing)

Combined Summary

Series: An Interactive Adventure — no. 1
Platform: Kindle (Kindle)
Author: Barrett, Dane
Illustrator: Christ, Vincent (cover)
Dates: 2019 (Paperback, 2nd printing)
June 30, 2019 (Paperback, 1st printing)
March 16, 2021 (Reissue)
ISBN: 1077141580 / 9781077141582 (Paperback, 1st printing, Paperback, 2nd printing)
Edition Descriptions: Paperback, 2nd printing:
The cover was updated to align to the other books in the series.

Renumbered to "6".
Length: 624 pages (786 sections) (Kindle)
619 pages (786 sections) (Paperback, 1st printing, Paperback, 2nd printing)
580 pages (786 sections) (Reissue)
Number of Endings: 16
Special Thanks: Paperback, 1st printing:
Thank you to Ryan Lynch for the cover images.
Paperback, 2nd printing:
Thank you to the author Dane Barrett for providing the cover spreads.
Cover Text: You are a police officer with an extraordinary power.

Your name is Hugh Hatch, and in the year 2045 you have been allocated to a unique department of the New Zealand Police Force; one which caters for and supports people with abilities above and beyond those of regular human beings.

You will find yourself embroiled in a high-stakes adventure which will see you arresting perpetrators, performing investigations and solving a mystery. Within the academy known as The Chrysalis lies a secret hidden from the world; one which may turn the human race against one another and ultimately put the planet in jeopardy. Will you become the leader needed to uncover this threat and change the fate of the Earth? Will you be able to handle your new partner, who struggles with a great affliction of her own? The next seven days could change everything.

But who is the real enemy? The man who manipulates living art? The killer from another world? The madman with links to organised crime? Or will the real threat be closer to home; among your own friends and colleagues?

In this interactive gamebook with multiple paths and 16 endings, you have the power to determine your own fate. Which one will you choose?
Joonseok's Thoughts:

At 786 sections with each section containing a significant amount of text, this is a long gamebook but one that kept me mesmerized till the very end. The modern police setting was refreshing and the focus on the story was what made the journey engaging. I also believe this is the only gamebook set in New Zealand. As a former New Zealand resident I can say that the NZ references were not superficial but accurate and integral to the story. Reaching the best ending is not easy but it gave me a sense of accomplishment. I highly recommend the book to anyone interested in interactive fiction and I look forward to reading more works from Dane.

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Paperback, 1st printing
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