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Item - The Ghosts of Craven Manor

Series: A Ghostly, Time Travelling Game Book
Author: Daniels, Joseph
Date: May 6, 2019
ISBN: 1093596643 / 9781093596649
Length: 535 sections
hadlee73's Thoughts:

Engaging story with great time travel twists. The Ghosts of Craven Manor is a work of interactive fiction (or gamebook) which puts you in the shoes of a man trying to solve a mystery while also attempting to discover the history of why certain supernatural events are happening in your newly purchased home. There is much at stake if you do not solve this mystery, as you may lose the life of your beloved wife or even your own.

The book not only gives the reader individual choices along the way to influence the outcome of the story but also includes several puzzles and codes to solve, which go so much further than just giving you clues. Some actually contain necessary information which if not discovered, will prevent you from achieving the best possible ending.

There are also incidental characters throughout the time travelling storyline of whom it is possible to prevent their grisly fates, changing history and in turn modifying parts of the house and the surrounding area in the present timeline. This can help unlock certain areas of the town, allowing for even more important discoveries. As with most books of this ilk, there are multiple endings to be had, some happier than others, and some that are are very well hidden. The book has a lot of things to remember, so it's highly recommended you keep a pen/pencil and a notepad handy as well as using a copy of the supplied code sheet in the back.

You'll also need a pair of dice if you want to take part in the dice-rolling combat aspect of the book, although that has been left as an optional component by the author. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys interactive fiction but wants a much more significant challenge than those offered in other gamebooks.

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