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Item - Crypt of the Shadow Lord

(Paperback edition)

Combined Summary

Series: Labyrinth Lord
Platform: Adobe Acrobat (PDF edition)
Author: Cronin, David
Dates: October, 2018 (Paperback edition)
November 28, 2018 (PDF edition)
User Summary: Thousands of years ago a powerful sorcerer ruled these lands. His dark, terrible magic influenced all the great military and political leaders of the time. These men were not necessarily evil, but ultimately, they were no match for the Shadow Lord’s devious charms and spells. They easily succumbed to his will, worked (often unknowingly) as his agents, and a dark age endured for many, many generations. It is not known how or when he met defeat, but, over time and the ages, his name has faded and been forgotten. The stories about him, if remembered at all, are considered nothing more than ancient legend. This sorcerer was cunning, however, and had planned for his eventual demise. The time has come; the plan in its final stages. His spirit has awakened! An appropriate vessel captured, and soon, the revival ritual will be complete! Then, all shall tremble and despair before the Shadow Lord - Bwana wa Kivuli!
Special Thanks:Thanks to the author for the plot summary and cover image.

Known Editions

Paperback edition
PDF edition

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