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Item - Deathtrap Equalizer

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Series: Tunnels and Trolls: The Crown of Klade — no. 13
Platforms: Android
Apple iOS
Adapted From: Deathtrap Equalizer Dungeon (Solitaire Adventure)
Authors: Riordan, Sam
St. Andre, Ken
Florik's Thoughts:

The digital remastering of Tunnels & Trolls adventures presented as the Crown of Klade campaign is not without some jarring contrasts. A few adventures tell fascinating tales. Many feature dungeons with some degree of justification. Still others are just playful nonsense, like Buffalo Castle and this one called Deathtrap Equalizer.

The author Ken St. Andre here does not bother to present any sort of plot. As I gather from reviews of the printed booklet, the 16 scenes that make up this scenario were originally encountered in random sequence. The digital version of the adventure resorts to a fixed order instead. It does not, however, provide any sort of connection between the scenes.

A magic ring takes you through the whole deadly sequence. Each scene is deadly only if you haven't found or guessed the correct reaction, I hasten to add. You won't be able to avoid some of the fights, but those should be fair game if you've been playing the campaign in the recommended order.

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