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Item - Sewers of Oblivion

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Series: Tunnels and Trolls: The Crown of Klade — no. 12
Platforms: Android
Apple iOS
Adapted From: Sewers of Oblivion (Solitaire Adventure)
Authors: Movitz, Paul
Stackpole, Michael A.
Florik's Thoughts:

Like the three previous digital Tunnels & Trolls adventures, Sewers of Oblivion was written by Michael Stackpole, adapted for the digital Crown of Klade campaign by Paul Movitz, and is set in the town of Gull. And yet today it seems from a different age. Instead of intrigue and an assaulting army, we're presented with a dungeon created by a mad wizard. Not that I dislike dungeons -- far from it. It's just that some Tunnels & Trolls adventures went so much further. Stackpole's own Golden Dust, Red Death from 1979 (that is, just one year later) may serve as an example.

As in Caravan to Tiern and other T&T solos, the Sewers offer two distinct paths, left and right, so you'll want to play at least twice. However, the two strands are symmetrically arranged, introducing similar situations in pretty much each corresponding room. Also, after the first choice of paths, events arrive in a linear fashion.

The traps are not particularly inventive, but the descriptions are. I liked the humour. You're even given a travel companion, a ferryman under a curse who'll comment on your misfortunes. Sadly, he's not quite as interesting a personality as Quartz, the innkeeper in Blue Frog Tavern.

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