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Item - Beyond the Morning Mountains - Volume One

Series: Tales of Quahnarren — no. 1
Author: Reilly, Michael
Illustrator: Reilly, Michael
Date: August 17, 2016
ISBN: 0994594836 / 9780994594839
Length: 400 pages; 1000 sections
User Summary: Beyond the Morning Mountains is a two-part fantasy adventure in which you travel across a section of the continent of Quahnarren. Volume One sees you travelling from your home near Ustahm down to the major city of Balquis; Volume Two completes the adventure by taking you over the Morning Mountains to the coastal town of Liust.

An exploration game where you must manage provisions, coins and health to survive the journey, you are asked to navigate through wild lands and urban environments, encountering the peoples, creatures and spirits of this ancient land. Personal values are improved by acquiring new weapons and equipment, dice tests against your Expertise and Perception values will determine your fate in a variety of situations and encounters, and the battle process involves the use of momentum, which allows both combatants to benefit from lucky dice rolls to then inflict greater damage from a powerful Heavy Attack.

Available in print as either a full-colour or black & white edition, or as a full-colour pdf.
Special Thanks:Thanks to Ryan Lynch and the author for the cover images.
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