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Item - Clayface Returns

(Paperback edition)
(Paperback edition)
(Paperback edition)
(Paperback edition)

Combined Summary

Series: You Choose: Batman — no. 8
Platform: Adobe Acrobat (eBook edition)
Author: Sazaklis, John
Illustrator: Beavers, Ethen
Dates: August, 2016 (eBook edition)
August, 2016 (Library-bound edition)
August, 2016 (Paperback edition)
ISBNs: 1496530896 / 9781496530899 (Library-bound edition)
1496530918 / 9781496530912 (Paperback edition)
1496530934 / 9781496530936 (eBook edition)
Number of Endings: 11
LC Cataloging in Publication Summary: Years ago actor Matt Hagen's career was ruined when he became the monstrous Clayface. Now he's back for revenge! Only you can help Batman track down and stop the dangerous shape-shifter in Clayface Returns!
Users Who Own This Item: Ardennes, B0N0V0X, Demian

Known Editions

eBook edition
Library-bound edition
Paperback edition

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