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Item - Super-Villain Smackdown!

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Series: You Choose: Batman — no. 5
Author: Sazaklis, John
Illustrator: Beavers, Ethen
Date: August, 2015
ISBNs: 149650528X / 9781496505286 (library binding)
1496505301 / 9781496505309
Length: 105 pages, plus glossary and fact-sheet on Bane
Number of Endings: 10
LC Cataloging in Publication Summary: A wave of crime has hit Gotham City and the ferocious Bane is behind the spree. With your help, Batman will solve the puzzle of the Super-Villain Smackdown!
Guillermo's Thoughts:

Like the vast majority of readers of this site, I'm old enough to have read and enjoyed the comic book miniseries Knightfall, where the villain Bane first confronts Batman. Unfortunately, the portrayal of Bane in this book is so distant from the sinister, super-intelligent character from the comics it feels like a parody. I understand this is aimed at children, but I can't help but think authors and publishers should give them a little more credit. It also doesn't help that the writing, despite coming from a "New York Times bestselling author" (quote from the book) is so bad so as to be cringe-inducing. In terms of gameplay, the book is adequate in that the consequences of choices are usually logical, but there are so many successful endings that completing it hardly feels like a challenge. Overall, this is one you can definitely skip. Superman: The Man of Steel in the Super Powers Which Way series, while not a work of genius, feels like a masterpiece in comparison.

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Errata:A choice on page 42 leads to page 63. It should lead to page 64 instead.
Special Thanks:Thanks to Guillermo Paredes for the images and errata.
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