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Item - The Story of Juneteenth

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Series: You Choose: Interactive History Adventures
Platform: Kindle
Author: Otfinoski, Steven
Date: February 1, 2015
ISBNs: 1491418028 / 9781491418024
1491418044 / 9781491418048
Length: 112 pages
User Summary: Texas, June 1865, 2 months after the U. S. Civil War has ended. Federal troops arrive to enforce the emancipation proclamation, which freed the slaves in the Confederacy. There are three stories in which you play a former slave in Texas. You can be a single man who finds himself free and can then decide whether to stay where he was or to leave, a young girl who wants to travel to Arkansas to find her mother, or a young boy who is encouraged to leave school and work on a farm to support his family.
Dtar's Thoughts:

I enjoyed the first story and found it to be a nice balance between optimism and realism. The second two stories had too much opportunity for tragedy from the start, and I was too apprehensive to try out all of the options. In all, I'd call it a well done and important story that brings to life some of the realities of the immediate time after the Civil War.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Dtar for the plot summary.

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