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Item - Stealing Nazi Secrets in World War II

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User Summary: Choose to be a Japanese-American spying on the Japanese in the Phillippines, a member of Women's Auxillary Air Force operating a wireless transmitter in occupied France, or a pilot flying a spyplane over occupied Europe.
Dtar's Thoughts:

This should really be called "stealing Axis secrets," since one of the three stories involves spying on the Japanese. I think there's a good balance here though; one story in the Pacific region, one character a woman, one a minority. At the same time, there's only mention (in the back of the book, in the "further investigation" section) about how many Japanese Americans assisted in the war effort while their families were forced into internment camps and had their homes and businesses taken from them. This is dealt with in a whole separate story from Capstone Press, in You Choose: Interactive History Adventures: The Japanese-American Internment.

For me the most enjoyable story was the one with the spyplane, which was a much different kind of adventure than all the others.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Dtar for the plot summary.

You Choose: Interactive Espionage Adventures edition

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