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Item - Can You Survive an Artificial Intelligence Uprising?

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Series: You Choose: Interactive Doomsday Adventures
Platform: Kindle
Author: Doeden, Matt
Illustrator: Fisher-Johnson, Paul
Date: 2016
ISBNs: 1491481072 / 9781491481073 (library binding)
1491481250 / 9781491481257 (paperback)
1491481315 / 9781491481318 (eBook)
Length: 112 pages
Number of Endings: 16
User Summary: The computers of the world have become self-aware, and are looking to destroy mankind. You must find a way to help humanity survive, and probably even to stop the uprising.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

A gamebook based on a premise similar to that of The Terminator sounds like a really cool idea. However, it is not well executed here. The writing is not very vivid, meaning that I never got really involved in the story. In terms of gameplay, the book almost always telegraphs to the reader what the right choice is, which also detracts from the experience. Finally, there is way too much repetition of the same plot points throughout the different paths, meaning that if you read a few of the storylines, you will know in advance what the right choices will be in the others. Overall, this is a very disappointing book.

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