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Item - Skeleton King's Crypt

Series: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
Contained In: Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Beginner Box (Role-Playing Game)
Length: 23 sections
User Summary: The mayor of your hometown has promised you a reward if you can slay the evil creatures that dwell in a nearby dungeon.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

This solo adventure, in which you play a warrior, is short and simple. The entire dungeon is only made up of five rooms, and the monsters and traps inside are standard Dungeons and Dragons fare. There is nothing particularly creative or memorable about it, and it is relatively easy to complete successfully. You should definitely not be getting the Pathfinder Beginner Box just to play this.

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Special Thanks:Thanks to Guillermo Paredes for the plot summary and cover image.

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