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Item - Indiana Jones and the Giants of the Silver Tower

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(reissue cover)
Series: Find Your Fate — no. 3
Translated Into: I giganti della torre d'argento (Italian)
Gin no tou no kyojinzoku [銀の塔の巨人族] (Japanese)
Indiana Jones i els gegants de la torre de plata (Catalan)
Indiana Jones y los gigantes de la torre de plata (Spanish)
Author: Stine, R. L.
Illustrator: Mattingly, David B.
Date: 1984
Length: 122 pages
Number of Endings: 14
User Summary: After discovering a race of mountain-dwelling giants in the Himalayas, a man has gone missing. You join Indiana Jones in an expedition to locate and rescue him.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

So far, my exposure to Find Your Fate books has been very limited. I decided to try this one because it was written by R. L. Stine, who has shown he has talent for writing good interactive stories. The book, however, proved utterly disappointing.

Other series (such as Endless Quest or Multiaventura) have shown it is possible to write an interesting gamebook based on an existing property. Given this, I simply can't understand why the authors of the different Find Your Fate series produced adaptations that are so utterly bad. None of the magic of the Indiana Jones movie franchise is felt here. The story is bland and unexciting for the most part, and the attempts at humour are so cringe-inducing they made me want to throw the book out the window. The consequences of your choices are usually very random, and all the story paths either end too abruptly or lead to silly endings.

And yes, this book does include the same randomization mechanics found in other Find Your Fate books, some of them sensible (such as asking you to pick a random number), while others are utterly absurd (such as outcomes being determined by which day of the week it is when you read the book). Since every path through the book is quite short, however, these mechanics do not add much interest to the gameplay (it is way too easy to go back and try a different choice). Overall, Giants of the Silver Tower sucks. Don't bother with it. The author's own Hark series (and even some of his Goosebumps books) are way better.

Note: aside from the book's 14 endings, there is one section which gets you stuck in an infinite loop.

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Errata:Page 58 should lead to page 17, not to page 4.
Special Thanks:Thanks to B Banzai for the reissue cover scan and to Guillermo Paredes for the plot summary and other details.
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