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Item - Sultans of Rema

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Series: Gamebook Adventures — no. 9
Platforms: Android
Apple iOS
Author: Abbondanza, Gaetano
Illustrators: Maxwell, Dan
Wright, Joshua
Length: 634 sections
Cover Text: Your return to Rema takes you further to the east, to the City-State of Callae, renowned throughout the world as a city of great learning. Your final destination is the Emirates of Akbir, ruled by a sick Emir who has remained neutral to Orlandes’ political leanings over the years. His successor threatens to send that relationship into turmoil. You must secretly enter a harsh desert world of political power struggles and strange magics to ensure a stable future for both Rema and Orlandes!
Malthus Dire's Thoughts:

The sequel to GA3 (Slaves of Rema) has a very unique Arabian Nights feel to it and it takes full advantage of its desert world setting. Amongst other things, you can encounter a hierarchy of different desert tribes, use a flying carpet and shoes that make you run super-fast, and get involved in nomadic tests of honour. There is an interesting system of dual currencies in play and you can even exchange currencies in certain places, and the "cause-and-effect" plotflow that worked so well in the previous Rema book is put into effective use again this time around. If anything, this offering is easier than Slaves and it is certainly very forgiving to the point where reaching the end is highly likely in most playthroughs, although there is an unavoidable and very hard final battle that seems at odds with the relative ease of the majority of the book. As with Slaves, there are multiple paths to victory, although one is much longer and rather harder than the others, but all the routes are worth exploring and all offer unique moments that the other routes won't lead you to. The sun-drenched art is perfectly suited to the text and really adds a lot to the feeling of immersion. Overall, this is a fantastic entry to this series which, whilst a little too easy, is very rewarding and a lot of fun.

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