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Item - Alien Invaders from Beyond the Stars

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(Original edition)

Combined Summary

Series: You Choose — no. 6
Author: Ivanoff, George
Illustrator: Hart, James
Dates: May, 2015 (Original edition)
February, 2017 (Omnibus edition)
ISBN: 0857986716 / 9780857986719 (Original edition)
Length: 160 pages (Original edition)
Number of Endings: 28 (Original edition)
User Summary: While on vacation you see a flying saucer outside your window and decide to investigate.
Guillermo's Thoughts:

The author mentions in this book that he read and enjoyed interactive books as a youngster. His knowledge of the medium shows in this book's design - the outcomes of choices are not as obvious as is often the case in the old Choose Your Own Adventure books, and the story frequently goes off in unexpected directions. Reaching the few successful endings is quite challenging as well. This isn't a philosophical masterpiece like Inside UFO 54-40, but it's an enjoyable gamebook.

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Known Editions

Original edition
Omnibus edition (in You Choose Flip Me! 5 and 6)

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