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Item - Jason's First Quest

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Series: Fantasy Forest — no. 9
Author: Moore, Roger E.
Illustrators: Otero, Ben (cover and interior)
Janci, Ivor (interior)
Date: October, 1984
Product Code: 8709
Length: 77 pages
stonemason's Thoughts:

In this book, you are Jason (of Jason and the Argonauts fame). But there is a catch -- the book takes place when Jason is a young boy being raised by Centaurs, and it details the first of many quests that Jason must go on in order to prove that he is worthy to take the throne.

I thought this was a very good one, considering that its target audience is very young children. It's well-written and entertaining. Unusually for the series, it is set in the world of Greek mythology rather than D&D. Most of the characters featured here are either familiar Greek myths or talking animals. There are three distinct quests to choose from -- completing any of them leads to winning, but you would probably want to read this multiple times so that you could defeat all three of the monsters.

Young fans of Greek mythology should appreciate this, and it would make a good introduction to mythology for people who don't know much about it. I'm not really recommending it to adults here, but it's one of the better "for young readers" gamebooks that I have found.

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