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Item - Super Giant Monster Time!

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Series: Choose Your Own Mind-Fuck Fest — no. 3
Author: Burk, Jeff
Illustrator: Horchheimer, Chrissy
Date: March 1, 2010
ISBN: 1933929960 / 9781933929965
Length: 188 pages
knifebat's Thoughts:

I didn't know that there were CYOA style books specifically written for adults! This is one of those books that make me feel like we live in a great time, and that is so good and needed because many times I find myself missing the 80s and 90s.

This is a wacky book just like the title suggests. It delivers exactly what it promises. Think of a terrible B-movie done in CYOA book style. In other words flipping around pages crammed with a twisted sense of humor and tons of sick violent gore.

Real quick let me mention that it's a really clever and nice touch that this book from far away actually looks like an official CYOA book online, but in reality this book is way oversized. It's not the same proportions as a CYOA book which was a slight bummer but not a deal breaker!

I got this book because I couldn't believe something like this existed. I have plenty of low budget movies like this but nothing on my book shelf is remotely like Super Giant Monster Time! And that ladies and gentlemen is the main appeal of this book.

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