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This magazine has been around for quite a long time, and while it is a video game magazine, it once printed a brief solo adventure based on the classic Nintendo game Dragon Warrior. The adventure required the reader to keep track of a number of statistics but didn't require any means of randomization. In a way, this was all foreshadowing for the Nintendo Adventure Books, which appeared the following year.

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 Dragon Warrior Text Adventure
Author: Uncredited
Illustrator: Uncredited
First Published: March/April, 1990
Length: 4 pages (pp 51-4; 64 sections)
Number of Endings: 3
Plot Summary: You must build your strength for the battle to come with the evil Dragonlord.
My Thoughts: This thing is very sloppily constructed; it has lots of numbers to keep track of, but for the most part they're completely meaningless. Magic points are listed but not used upon spell casting, items are purchased without gold being reduced, and the whole thing just ends in the middle since this is mainly an attempt to sell the Nintendo game.

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