Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Gamebooks

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The Marvel Super Heroes books were released the same year as the Car Wars books and they targetted the same audience. Character bookmarks were included with each book. Eight of these books were released before the series met its demise.

I'll add details and reviews for these books as I get the chance.

1. The Amazing Spider-Man: City in Darkness

2. Captain America: Rocket's Red Glare

3. The Wolverine: Night of the Wolverine

4. Doctor Strange: Through Six Dimensions

5. The Thing: One Thing After Another

6. The Uncanny X-Men: An X-cellent Death

7. The Amazing Spider-Man: As the World Burns

8. Daredevil: Guilt by Association

French Translations

At least three of the books were translated into French.

1. La Ville Sans Lumiere

2. Sous le Feu des Missiles

3. La Nuit du Fauve

Italian Translation

One of the books was translated into Italian.

1. Ombre sulla citta
This book is not part of my collection.

Spanish Translations

Several of the books have been translated into Spanish as the "Marvel Superhéros" series published by forum. Like the original American editions, they feature pull-out character bookmarks.

1. El Asombroso Spiderman: La Ciudad a Oscuras

2. La Patrulla X: Una Muerte X-Celente

3. Capítan América: El Brillo rojo del Cohete

4. Lobenzo: La Noche del Lobenzo

5. Spiderman - El Hombre Araña: Mientras el mundo arde

6. Daredevil - El Hombres Sin Miedo: Trampa para un superhéroe

7. Doctor Extraño - Hechicero Supremo: Viaje por seis dimensiones

8. La Cosa - Una cosa tras otra

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