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English translation by Demian Katz


Are you familiar with the Dungeons & Dragons "Endless Quest" books?

If the answer is yes, go to 4.

If the answer is no, go to 3.


Answer these questions using only numbers, and write the answers you come up with on a postcard. The first hundred cards received with correct answers will have the first "One-on-One" two-book set sent to their senders.

Don't forget to include your name and address on the postcard, then go to 9.


Purchase all sixteen titles in the series at your nearest bookseller!


Since you're familiar with "Endless Quest," answering the following six questions will be as easy for you as killing an orc is for a high-level warrior!

Prepare to use your capacities of intelligence, observation and speed, because it will be necessary for you to be among the first hundred people to send the six correct answers to us, on a postcard, to the following address:

Dungeons & Dragons Contest
Éditions Solar
8, rue Garancière
75006 PARIS

Arm yourself with a pen and postcard, then go to 6.



There's no time to lose! The contest ends on November 1st.

Go to 7.


Before starting, examine your calendar.

If you are reading this before November 1st, go to 5.

If you are reading this after that date, go to 8.


-- Of the 16 "Endless Quest" books, how many have dragons on their covers?

-- In how many of the adventures is the hero a magician or apprentice magician?

-- In how many of the books can you play the role of Conan?

-- How many skeletons and undead creatures are there on the covers of the 16 books in the collection?

-- In how many adventures is the hero an elf?

-- How many titles include the word "dragon?"

Go to 2.


Too late... The contest ended on November 1, 1986...


Good luck!